Zenoah Modified Engine 30.5cc Big Bore Engine
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This Zenoah Modified Engine has all of the torque and RPM you need and a whole lot more! This motor is set up for all out power top to bottom RPM with a 2mm crank. Mods include increased compression, raised exhaust timing and reshaped and enlarged exhaust port. The transfers opened up and reshaped. The intake opened up and timing changed. The piston has been lightenedand the excess material from the inside has been removed via CNC machine, top of the piston has been relieved to prevent piston seizures and skirts trimmed on sides to enhanse the transfer flow. The Walbro WT-257 Modified carbuerator bored out and entry angle reshaped for better flow. Now with Zero Drag Seals and Aluminum ZRC carb iso block and a NGK CMR7H spark plug installed. Motors run at 8hp. Max HP runs 16,500k to 20,000k rpm range.

  • Item #: RLPM 30.5RC
  • Manufacturer: Zenoah
  • Condition: New

Zenoah Modified Engine 30.5cc Redline

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