Copper Cylinder Gasket .012" (0.30mm) thick
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High-compression, reuseable thin copper cylinder gasket. Fits Zenoah G240RC / G270RC / G231PUH / G260PUH / G260PU / G231PUM / G260PUM engines (i.e. 4-bolt cylinder style engines). Also fits TS 4-bolt billet crankcases. Copper gasket is .012" (0.30mm) thick - stock gasket is .020" (0.50mm) thick. Installing this gasket reduces the squish clearance in your engine - usually the easiest way to increase power and reliability of a small 2-stroke engine. You should experience a noticable improvement in low end torque and throttle response as well as slightly increased top end RPMs. DDM recommends using 95 octane or higher fuel after installing this gasket.

  • Item #: RLPM .30mm
  • Manufacturer: Zenoah
  • Condition: New

Copper Cylinder Gasket .012" (0.30mm) thick

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